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If you have questions about my mission or have requests to visit your church home, please feel free to reach out to me. Don't be afraid to leave a comment, share your ideas or just say hello.

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Within every congregation across the globe each Sunday sits a first-time visitor - a guest. Each guest with a different purpose in their heart for the visit. Are the regular Sunday attendees responsive to the calling of having a visitor? Do they notice a visitor is present? These questions greatly determine if that visitor will attend a second, third, forth time - the first impression of a visitor is the difference between having a new church member, and having community members who shy away from church bodies.

My mission is two-pronged: 1) To provide the worship centers of the Greater Austin Area neutral insight as to what it is like to be a visitor and 2) To provide residents who are looking for a church home a glimpse of the inside of worship centers in the Greater Austin Area

My mission is not to judge, offend or disrespect any church, but rather be an active participate the Sunday I attend and then provide feedback on my experience.

My prayer is that this feedback is utilized to build up the body of Christ within the walls of your church, so you may go out and distribute the love of Christ with your neighbors and beyond.

This project only works if noone at the church knows who I am, or the mission I am attempting until after the service when I meet with the church leader and invite them to view my page.